7 October 2004


Concerns about the movement towards genetically modified foods, and the role and motives of multi-national corporations who promote them have been expressed by many individuals and groups in recent years.

Most recently, alarm has been expressed at the Vatican’s apparent shift on this issue, signaled at its participation in a conference held in Rome in September. The more sympathetic stance to GM crops seems to be due to a perception that such crops have the potential to alleviate the problem of hunger, despite the fact that it is now generally recognized that the issues such as hunger, overpopulation etc are not the fundamental problems – rather it is poverty that is the basic issue that needs to be addressed.

Concerns about the Vatican’s stance expressed in a letter from the Columban Centre for Peace Ecology and Justice and by theologian Sean McDonough are reproduced on the website of the Christian Brothers’ Leadership Team

For information about the relationship between issues such as poverty, development, hunger and population you can also visit Global Issues That Affect Everyone

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