21 October 2004


The Victorian Women’s Trust, which sponsored the Purple Sage movement some years ago, has recently launched an ambitious new project called Watermark Australia which aims to bring together, support and resource small groups of people to talk about water use and management and come up with some vision for the future.

The following information taken from their website outlines the vision
“Between now and February it is aimed to build a base of 15,000 people who agree to convene small local groups of up to nine other people. This brings 150,000 citizens into a dialogue about our use and management of water, helping define the scope for future action.

The people come together in their groups, meeting monthly. What emerges is a shared vision for the future, guiding principles and a program of decisive action on water. Working together like never before, and with a high level of information, confidence and agreement, people adopt solutions for water on many levels - households, local communities, regions, states, and nationally.”

The Christian Brothers at their last Chapter pledged to support the Earth Charter. Members of the Edmund Rice Network may be interested in participating in the project by forming their own group or by joining together with other members of the network. I am happy to co-ordinate a group or to help put people who are interested in being part of a group in touch with each other - just email me. Further information can be found in the website mentioned above.

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