20 November 2004


The recent announcement that Australia will cancel the $7.9 million owed by Ethiopia represents another small step in the campaign to eliminate hunger and poverty. It is also a sign of encouragement that the voice of ordinary citizens can make a difference. The latest concession of the Australian government follows the lead of nations such as Great Britain whose political leaders have led the way in urging developed nations to fulfil their responsibilities to impoverished third world countries. It is probably no co-incidence that the Jubilee Campaign originated in Great Britain and continues to play a prominent role in shaping public opinion and influencing government.

In Australia, the Jubilee campaign continues with the aim to build a world in which the people of countries trapped in a cycle of poverty are released from the crushing burden of debt. Jubilee contends that rather than repaying loans to countries that have a long history of exploitation, countries be given a fresh start. Jubilee is looking for support to help 'drop the debt'.

The Jubilee Australia website contains the latest news about progress in the campaign to cancel the debt of poor countries and some suggestions for action, including a sample letter which can be adapted and sent to your local member of Parliament.

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