3 December 2004


As part of its campaign to persuade retailers and manufacturers to sign up the Homeworkers Code of Practice, Fairwear sent leters early in Nov to four well-known companies which had refused so far to sign, warning them they were being targeted – Ojay, Satch, Scanlan & Theodore, and Witchery. Of these, only Witchery had responded by the deadline, so a small demonstration was staged outside branches of the remaining stores. Pictures and a report on the demonstration can be found here

There are about 330,000 homeworkers /outworkers making clothes in homes and garages across Australia predominantly women, and earning on average about 2$ - $5 an hour, often working 12-16 hour days .without holiday pay, sick pay, super or workers compensation. The fashion industry alone is worth around $10 billion a year.

The Homeworkers Code of Practice is a voluntary agreement which manufacturers, suppliers and retailers can sign. The Code makes companies responsible for the conditions through the supply chain under which they make clothing.

A list of companies which have signed as of 27 Oct 04 can be found at the Fairwearwebsite.

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