11 May 2005


Have we extracted a toll from the earth that cannot be repaid? That is one of the questions posed by Damien Norris of the Edmund Rice Centre for Social Justice in Fremantle, WA in the wake of a BBC documentary screened on national television in the recent "4 Corners" program.

The program presented a view expressed by a number of scientists that the level of pollution in the atmosphere may actually be masking the true effect of global warming. Thus by addressing the issue of atmospheric pollution – itself a cause of a range of serious environmental and health problems – we may in fact accelerate the problem of global warming.

In response to this dilemma the Centre is facilitating an open space forum entitled 'Green & Good or Gloom & Doom: a future for our children or is it too late?' which is intended to engage, inform and connect people who share a concern for the future of planet earth.

More information about the issue of global dimming can be found at BBC 'Horizon' website.

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