4 August 2005


At the recent 'Justice in the Pub' night discussion of the Millenium Project and the 'Make Poverty History' campaign was introduced by Trish Hevern.

Those in attendance resolved to write to government leaders asking them to re-affirm Australia's commitment to the Millenium Development Goals and to explain their strategy for ensuring Australia contributes its share to the achievement of the goals.

A draft of a letter is available on request to anyone who would like to add his or her support to this campaign, just email me at bpbond@spp.edmundrice.org

Discussion at the meeting was wide-ranging and also focused on trade issues where support for Fair Trade Products and fairly-produced items of clothing and footwear (see Fairwear) were also seen as practical steps individuals could take to support the wider 'Make Poverty History' campaign.

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