15 June 2006


Following a recommendation from the all party Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee to scrap the proposed legislation to process all asylum seekers offshore, a number of members of the Government have indicated that they will not vote for the legislation in its current form.

Members of the committee were concerned about the proposed legislation's incompatibility with the rule of law and Australia's potential breaches of international law. Other government Senators have expressed concern that the legislation represents "a new system of constructed potential indefinite detention".

Those advocating for a fairer treatment of refugees such as Chilout (Children out of Detention) have urged members of the public to maintain pressure on government members, especially Senators, to oppose the legislation.

Support for those Government members who have indicated their opposition to the bill is also urged as they come under pressure from their own party to fall into line.

The further delay in the bringing on of the proposed legislation is a sign of the disunity in government ranks on this issue and provides a significant opportunity for concerned citizens to help ensure a just and fair outcome for victims of violence and persecution.

Contact details for all members of parliament can be found at the Parliament of Australia website.

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