3 October 2006


"Protecting the environment involves moderating our desires to consume and own more, which create lifestyles that bring death to millions of other people. Consumerism, global environmental change and suffering in the developing world are inextricably linked." So said the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand in their recently released statement on environmental issues.

The bishops point out that the ecological crisis and the poverty crisis currently faced by the world are not due to natural forces or acts of God but the result of human behaviour; "that behaviour is driven by values, priorities and decisions" hence the crisis can be more aptly describes as a spiritual or moral crisis.

"At the personal level the suffering of others and the damage to our planet demand that we look closely at our own lifestyles. Individual acts of selfishness can create a society characterized by a desire for short term gain and immediate gratification over longer term needs and a wider view"the bishops said.

The latest campaign organized by Get-Up the independent political movement which aims to bring participation back into our democracy, has a target of 250,000 signatures in their campaign to create a groundswell of demand for action in regard to climate change in Australia. You can add your support to the campaign by clicking on the above link and by encouraging others to visit the website and add their names.

Readers of this bulletin may also be interested participating in the annual Walk Against Warming events organized around the nation to mark the International Day of Action on Climate Change on Nov 4th. International readers can find out events planned for their country here

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