17 October 2006


Efforts to end poverty among our poorest neighbours will fail unless the Australian Government takes urgent action to tackle climate change and prepare for its effects, warns a report by a new coalition of aid, development, church and environment groups.

The two-part report, which includes research by the CSIRO as well as policy recommendations, finds that millions of people in the Asia Pacific region will be forced from their homes by sea level rises of up to 50cm by 2070, with hot spots including Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, China and small Pacific island states.

The report was issued by the Climate Change Roundtable at a time when the Australian government has just announced a boost to assistance for farming families who are now officially experiencing Australia’s worst drought on record. The report can be viewed at the above website.

Last week delegates at the Catholic Earthcare Australia Conference were warned that "Climate change is one of the biggest menaces facing humankind and threatens to breed terrorism, war and the collapse of civilization". The warning was issued by Dr Colin Butler a senior research fellow in global health at Deakin University.

Readers of this bulletin are reminded of the upcoming international demonstrations as part of the Global Climate Campaign to call on world leaders to take urgent action on climate change. The actions are planned for Nov 4th to coincide with the UN Climate conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Australian readers can check the Walk Against Warming website for information about events planned for their area.

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