31 October 2006


Following their attendance at the recent social justice seminar a group of Parade College students decided to raise awareness about Fair Trade products by organizing a display at the September Parent/Teacher interviews at their school.

Parents enjoyed cups of Fair Trade coffee and purchased all the Fair Trade chocolate the students had for sale. Most were not aware of the Fair Trade campaign and were impressed by the information provided to them about the campaign. They also learned how they can contribute by supporting Fair Trade products.

The Social Justice group at Parade aim to raise awareness of how we all can challenge international systems which exploit the most vulnerable in our world, especially those in various African countries.

They also believe it is important to encourage other students to believe that they and their families can make a difference. They also embarked on a campaign for staff to drink Fair Trade coffee and for the College Ladies Auxiliary to use it in all their social events.

The most recent edition of Ozspirit is devoted to Fair Trade.

The issue of Trade Justice is a major focus of the awareness raising actions planned as part of the G20 summit in Melbourne on the weekend of Nov 18th-19th.

Parade students, Fair Trade display

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