3 October 2006


A major feature of International Poverty Day on October 17th and a simple way in which everyone around the world can demonstrate their commitment to ending poverty is through participation in the Stand-Up Against Poverty event.

Victorian readers of this bulletin can register their participation in the Stand-Up event through the Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace website.

Anti-Poverty Week was established in Australia as an expansion of the annual International Anti-Poverty Day. The aims of the Week are to strengthen public understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty and to encourage research, discussion and action to address these problems.

Everyone who is interested in helping to reduce poverty and hardship here or overseas is encouraged to organise their own activities during the Week or join in some being organised by other people. A list of events can be found at the above website.

In Australia the Make Indigenous Poverty History campaign, which aims to ensure that the global campaign supporting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) does not overlook the poverty suffered by indigenous peoples, and the Fair Deal for Cleaners campaign are just two of the groups with events planned for the week.

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