14 November 2006


An indication of the extent of growing public concern about global warming and climate change was evidenced by the 30,000 people who participated in this years Walk against Warming in Melbourne. This was a dramatic increase on the few hundred who participated in last year’s walk.

With State elections due in Victoria later this year and in New South Wales early in 2007, political parties at state level appear to be responding to community concerns and setting renewable energy targets according to the Australian Conservation Foundation Unfortunately concern remains that at the federal level there seems to be a lack of a serious commitment to address global warming and climate change.

In conjunction with the Channel 7 morning program ‘Sunrise’ the Australian Conservation Foundation has launched the Cool the Globe campaign which is designed to get ordinary Australians active on climate change. The website contains news, information and practical steps that individuals, families and organizations can undertake to address global warming.

SOC members at the Melbourne Walk Against Warming

SOC members participating in the Melbourne Walk Against Warming

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