28 November 2006


As David Hicks enters his sixth year of detention after being taken from a bus stop in Afghanistan and handed over to the Americans by members of the Northern Alliance, there is still no indication of when he will be given an opportunity to defend himself against the allegations made against him.

The Australian government appears content to allow Hicks to continue to languish in solitary confinement in Guantanamo Bay, is dismissive of claims of his being tortured and accepts unquestioningly the proposed military tribunal appointed to judge his case. All of this is despite the almost universal condemnation of his treatment as an abandonment of human rights and a fundamental breach of the rule of law – principles that underpin western civilization, principles that have been established after centuries of struggle and principles which the so called 'war on terror' were supposed to defend.

Rallies to demand fair treatment for David Hicks are being organized around Australia on Sat Dec 9th. In Melbourne the rally will be held in Federation Square at 2.00pm (see the above website for more information).

Amnesty is also campaigning for the return of David Hicks to Australia and has a letter to the Prime Minister which can be signed online at the above website.

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