20 December 2006


As we celebrate the birth of the Christ child, we again have the opportunity to reflect on our commitment to living in peace with those around us, both at a personal and a global level.

Sadly the level of conflict around the globe, whether it be in Darfur, Iraq, Palestine, Sri Lanka or one of the many other places caught up in violence suggests that the peace for which humans yearn is as elusive as ever.

Noted peace activist Fr John Dear SJ reminds us that "Our task, in these dark times, is simple: to speak the truth, resist war and injustice, practice nonviolence, walk with the poor, love everyone, say our prayers, and uphold the vision of a new world without war, poverty or nuclear weapons"

Pace e Bene Australia a body that was established earlier this year in order to promote the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence, will facilitate 'Engage'‘ and 'From Violence to Wholeness' workshops around Australia. They have also sponsored a visit from Fr Dear to Australia early in 2007. Details are available from the above website.

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