12 December 2006


The Edmund Rice Centre has been awarded the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) Human Rights Award for Community Organizations 2006.

The award was made at the annual Human Rights Lunch and Awards ceremony to mark Human Rights Day on Dec 10th.

The award recognised the Centre's work uncovering the fate of deported asylum seekers, as well as the broader human rights work of the Centre.

Another cause on which the Centre has provided strong advocacy is that of the rights of Indigenous Australians. In June 2006, after two decades of consultation with Indigenous peoples and negotiation with delegates from around the world, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. This document was due to go before the UN General Assembly for adoption in late 2006 and it outlines fundamental responsibilities that national governments have towards Indigenous peoples. Amnesty International has described it as a ‘critical turning point in global efforts to support the human rights of Indigenous peoples’.

In the latest edition of Just Comment the Edmund Rice Centre examinees how Australia compares to international human rights standards in relation to its own indigenous people.

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