12 December 2006


In what is believed to be world first, 16 Australian faith communities representing the world's great religious traditions have united to speak out on climate change.

Representatives of organisations from 16 Australian faith communities including indigenous Australians, Catholics and Orthodox, Baptists and Anglicans, Buddhists and Baha'is, the Australian Evangelical Alliance, the Uniting Church, the Salvation Army, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Lutherans recently launched a joint publication entitled "Common Belief – Australia’s Faith Communities on Climate Change" in an initiative of the Climate Institute Australia and which can be viewed on their website.

The document is a collection of theological and spiritual statements which argues that addressing the issue of climate change is a moral imperative and inaction by Australians cannot be justified.

Among the points raised in the document Catholic spokesman, Columban Fr Charles Rue of Catholic Earthcare said that "the right to a safe ecological environment is a universal human right".

In describing the initiative, Climate Institute founder Mark Wootton said that "Australia's faith communities demand a firm government response to climate change which protects our children's future and prevents further harm to the world's poorest people who are already living with the impacts of climate change."

For practical steps and actions that you can take to contribute to the reduction of global warming visit the Cool the Globe website.

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