25 January 2007


"Continued and expanded U.S. military action in Iraq will bring only more violence and bloodshed, will not end the conflict and will further destabilize that country and the region", said the heads of 13 Catholic US organizations in a prepared statement in response to the recent decision of President Bush to deploy a further 21,000 troops in Iraq.

The statement was reported on the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good website and coincided with a call from Bishop William Skylstad, President of the Conference of the US Catholic Bishops urging the US government to seek effective ways to withdraw its troops at the earliest opportunity that allowed for a responsible transition in Iraq.

In his statement Bishop Skylstad noted that both the The Holy See and the Bishops’ Conference had previously expressed grave moral concerns about military intervention in Iraq and the unpredictable and uncontrollable negative consequences of invasion and occupation. In light of current realities, their support for a broader regional and international engagement to increase security, stability and reconstruction in Iraq was reiterated.

This weekend hundreds of thousands of Americans will march on Washington DC to demand peace and justice in Iraq and the Middle East. The global partnership Avaaz is working to raise a worldwide voice of solidarity through an international virtual march.

Avaaz supporters at the demonstration in Washington will carry banners, placards and the flags of countries representing internet marchers from all round the world who have registered there support online at the above website who have joined the call to oppose the military escalation and demand a real plan to end the war.

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