9 February 2007


The controversy over the continued treatment of David Hicks and calls for his release intensified following the foreshadowing of the new charges to be laid against him, forcing the Australian Prime Minister to acknowledge that public sentiment was shifting and that the case had not been handled well by the Americans.

In what appears to be a bizarre decision, Hicks is apparently to be charged with attempted murder, not because he actually attempted to harm anyone but because he would have done so if he had the opportunity.

Contrary to accepted legal practice, he can also be convicted on this charge based on evidence obtained by coercion and on hearsay testimony. Hicks will also not have the opportunity to challenge such testimony.

It is hardly surprising that few are convinced Hicks will receive a fair trial before the military commission , a view further reinforced by recent comments such as that made by the Officer in Charge of Guantanamo Bay who declared that there were no innocent detainees held in the facility – a claim that is supposedly to be tested in the hearing before the Commission.

You can participate in the campaigns calling for justice for David Hicks by visiting the Amnesty and Get-Up websites.

You can also join the novel and ever growing, online flotilla of protest demanding the closure of Guantanamo Bay.

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