25 February 2007


The need for food is basic to our survival. Producing and distributing food is a central activity to our economy and environment.

The unequal distribution of food resources, whereby obesity can be a major concern in some parts of the world whilst much of the world’s population suffers from malnourishment, is an obvious issue of injustice that demands action.

In recent times other issues of concern in regard to food production have come to the fore, whether it be environmental concerns regarding the practices of fast food giants such as McDonalds, see the McSpotlight website, concerns about Genetically Modified Foods, see the New Scientist website, or the Ethical Treatment of Animals in food production see the PETA website, to name just three such issues.

The Sacred Foods Project is an interfaith effort to promote a greater understanding of how to grow, process and market food according to religious teachings and ethics.

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