24 March 2007


Over the past few weeks, Zimbabwe has plunged more deeply into crisis with many of those opposing its government or calling for the restoration of human rights and democracy undergoing intimidation, beatings or even murder.

The recent dramatic intervention of the Australian diplomat Mark Lynch to defy the Zimbabwe government and help injured activist Sekai Holland escape from armed guard in an Harare hospital to the safety of South Africa is an indication of the seriousness of the current situation.

It follows the recent declaration of the Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube that he is "ready to face bullets" in joining an anti-government street protest. Archbishop Ncube stated that Zimbabweans must take to the streets over rights abuses by Mugabe's government. "The biggest problem with Zimbabweans is they are cowards, myself included, but as for me I am ready to stand in front, even of blazing guns" he said.

The latest campaign organised by AVAAZ takes the form of a petition to the leaders of Zimbabwe’s main trading partners South Africa and the European Union, urging them to take action against President Mugabe and his top aides.

Avaaz is a community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. Their aim is to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people, and not just political elites and unaccountable corporations, shape global decisions.

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