9 March 2007


Students from Edmund Rice Schools in Victoria gathered at St Josephs College Geelong recently for a social justice seminar. The theme for the day was around our response to global warming and climate change in regard to future energy sources, with particular consideration given to the advisability of adopting the nuclear energy option.

Students listened to a presentation from Jim Green from Friends of the Earth asked questions and then met in school groups to decide what to do in their school communities to raise awareness around this issue.

As a practical example of the potential of the Edmund Rice Network to lobby for change, a number of students signed a letter to the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources urging greater government action to promote the use of renewable energy sources rather than than to rely on coal or nuclear options for our energy production.

The letter expressed concern at the government giving priority to the economy over the preservation of the planet and also argued that "Given the dire warnings that continue to be issued by the scientific community and the catastrophic consequences if their predictions are correct, it seems obvious to us that the prudent course of action would be to assume the worst in our efforts to come to terms with the problem rather than to gamble with our future as it seems your current policies are doing.”

Get Up has also just launched an appeal for a Climate Action Campaign Fund in an attempt to build a grass roots movement to demand action on climate change and to counteract the influence of the wealthy mining and business lobbies that currently appear to have the ear of the government.

Some participants in he Climate Change Student Seminar

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