24 March 2007


On Sat Mar 31st the leader of the major Opposition Party in Australia, Kevin Rudd, is convening a National Climate Change Summit in Canberra.

Representatives of Get Up have been invited to participate in the summit and are inviting submissions from ordinary Australian citizens that can be presented directly to members of the alternative Australian government.

This is a crucial opportunity to influence and support real climate leadership inside a major political party, and represents a rare chance to have your voice heard by a significant group of our parliamentary representatives.

The recent global petition on climate change organized by Avaaz and promoted through this bulletin, succeeded in attracting more than 100,000 signatures and was an important influence in German Chancellor and G8 President Angela Merkel’s announcement that Climate Change would be the major agenda item at the next G8 leader’s summit in June. Another demonstration that when people act together they can make a difference.

An online petition to maintain the pressure on G8 leaders can be found at the above website.

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