24 April 2007


Polmin is a political lobby group that seeks to bring about systemic change in Australian society through the influencing of public policy for the common good in accordance with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Polmin has thrown its support behind the campaign for the rights of workers and their families which are seen to be threatened by the Workchoices legislation which was introduced by the present government after the last election without any prior notification or discussion.

PolMin is concerned that the WorkChoices proposals fail to ensure an industrial and workplace relations system that upholds the dignity of the worker. The proposed changes threaten to encourage a society that prioritizes profit over people, and therefore undermines the common good.

PolMin seeks to ensure:-
- that Australia’s industrial relations system is built on principles of fairness and justice, to ensure respect for the dignity of all, particularly the poor and marginalized.
- security of employment for all, regardless of the size of the workplace, by ensuring access to unfair dismissal protection.
- that the minimum wage continues to be set as a 'living wage', rather than as a single adult wage.

Concerns about the Workchoices legislation have also been consistently raised by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council and other Catholic organizations such as the St Vincent de Paul Society

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