10 April 2007


The success of the recent Earth Hour in Sydney, whereby thousands of businesses and households turned off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about global warming and to contribute to a reduction of energy demand in a practical way, was another demonstration of the growing realization within the community of the urgent need to address issues of global warming and climate change.

The Lights Off Australia campaign launched last month is another example of a community campaign to cut energy wastage. On the first Wednesday of each month residents are asked to switch off lights and businesses are encouraged to turn off lights that aren't required overnight. Australians are also being urged to turn off appliances left on standby - leaving mobile phone chargers, TVs and microwaves on standby accounts for up to 10% of the average household's electricity use.

As part of the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd members of the Seeds of Change Social Justic Action Group will be cycling together to join the human sign spelling out Halt Climate Change Now as part of the Bayside Sustainable Living Expo at Sandringham.

Any readers of this bulletin are welcome to join us on that day.

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