9 May 2007


In recent weeks I have been contacted by several readers of this bulletin suggesting justice issues of concern that might be raised with the wider Edmund Rice Network.

Br Shane Wood the Coordinator of the Office of Justice, Ecology & Peace in the Diocese of Broome alerts us to the threat to the Kimberley Coast and its inland wilderness areas posed by multi-billion dollar gas and large-scale industrial development proposals and refers us to the Cultural Heritage& Environmental Advocacy for the Kimberley website for those who would like to learn more about or become involved in this issue.

Br Russell O’Brien in Perth reminds us of the ongoing injustice experienced by our nearest neighbours in West Papua who were incorporated into Indonesia in the highly dubious ‘act of free choice’ in 1969, and where an estimated 100,000 people have been killed since the Indonesian occupation began in 1962. Australian policies are crucial to enabling a peaceful and just solution to be found in West Papua.

More information, including an online petition can be found at the Free West Papua website.

Russell also reminds us of unresolved matters relating to the development of oil and gas reserves in the East Timor Sea. Further information can be found at the Save East Timor website.

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