5 June 2007


A ground swell of interest amongst the students at St Peter's College, Auckland facilitated by the presence of the Edmund Rice Justice office has struck a loud clear note for freedom this week.

Two students from the Edmund Rice Student Leadership Portfolio, Tom Buhr and Robert Lee, got the chance to explain to Auckland's Central Leader Newspaper, the motivation behind a massive banner in support for Fairtrade raised beside Auckland's most intensely utilised stretch of Motorway. The students took advantage of St Peter's prime advertising space and produced a sign with the words 'Students support Fair Trade'. Many student signatures were boldly etched into the design of the banner.

The boys received clearance from the school's principal Kieran Fouhy to voice their support for ethical consumption, hand-in-hand with the national Fair-trade Fortnight campaign. They see choosing Fair-trade products as a powerful statement towards the kind of world we wish to live in.

Samples of Fair-trade products were given to the College staff to use and a temporary Fair-trade 'shop' was set up in the staffroom.

Fair Trade

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