5 June 2007


About two dozen people accepted the invitation to be part of the Seeds of Change group that joined the 'Long Walk to the Dreamtime at the G' to show their support for Reconciliation and to demand justice for indigenous Australians. (see photos below)

Although the Prime Minister again refused to say ‘Sorry’ on behalf of the nation for the dispossession and mistreatment of our indigenous population over the past 220 years, there were some encouraging developments announced in the recently completed Reconciliation Week.

The Opposition Australian Labor Party pledged that when in government it would offer the long awaited apology and to provide additional funding to helpClose the Gap in health and life expectancy between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

Readers of this bulletin who joined with 40,000 other Australians to sign the Get Up online petition can also feel a sense of satisfaction that their efforts have helped bring about this welcome change.

Your support for the campaign to place pressure on the government to match these commitments is encouraged.

The Long Walk to the Dreamtime at the G

The Long Walk to the Dreamtime at the G

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