2 July 2007


"Love you enemies". Jesus’ call to his followers is very clear and yet as noted peace activist Fr John Dear asks in a recent article in the National Catholic Reporter Why do Christians not take this commandment seriously?

Fr Dear argues that this teaching calls for "deliberate, unconditional, non-retaliatory, sacrificial, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, nonviolent universal love, a love which lays down our lives for others."

This means that Christians are obliged "to stop killing one another, stop waging war, stop building and maintaining nuclear weapons, and stop our country from killing people."

A group of Christians in Australia who have taken this teaching to heart, the Pine Gap Four were fined recently for trespassing on the US military base at Pine Gap to protest at the continued role of the base in supporting US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Two other activists will face trial in August for trespassing on the joint Australian/US military exercise in northeast Australia.

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