14 August 2007


In a recently released statement entitled "A Vote For Us All" the Australian Catholic Bishops have urged Catholics to look beyond their individual needs and to consider the common good when weighing up how to vote in the forthcoming election.

In making their statement the Bishop’s drew upon the social justice tradition of the church which emphasizes respect for human dignity, the service of the common good and a particular concern for the poor, sick, marginalized and forgotten in society, as well as its long experience as a major provider of education, health and social services in this country.

The Bishop’s identified respect for life, support for the family, justice for indigenous Australians, education, health, care for the environment, just treatment for refugees and asylum seekers and peace as key issues to be considered when casting a vote.

Rather than seeing religious faith as being removed from politics the bishops urged Catholics to become fully engaged in the political process.

The full text of the bishops statement is available for download at the above website.

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