14 August 2007


Despite its reputation as being home to a friendly, easy-going and tolerant people, there has always been a strand of racism present in Australia. This has not prevented the emergence of a truly multi-cultural society where people live together in a harmony not enjoyed in many other parts of the world.

It is disturbing therefore to learn of the abuse and intolerance directed towards many of the more than two thousand Indian-born doctors currently working in Australia in the wake of the suspicions (seemingly based on rather dubious evidence) about Dr Mahommed Haneef’s alleged association with terrorists.

Of greater concern is the failure of members of the government to make any statement of support acknowledging the contribution being made to the community by these doctors, despite the plea from a joint delegation of the United India Association (UIA) and Overseas and Australian Medical Graduates Association (OAMGA) to do so. See here for the news report.

It would be hoped that racism was not again being exploited as an issue in an attempt to win the election scheduled before the end of the year.

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