29 August 2007


The more than fifty students from Edmund Rice schools who gathered for a seminar at Amberley earlier this month were challenged to accept their responsibility to use their education for the bringing about of a more just world.

They were also encouraged to strive to ensure that their school communities placed a priority on educating for justice and were not solely focused on academic and sporting success.

The seminar was addressed by Mearon O’Brien, a past student of St James’ Brisbane, currently employed full-time with the Young Christian Worker Movement

Mearon spoke of her personal involvement with the Edmund Rice Network which had nurtured her passion for justice, and challenged students to develop an awareness and sensitivity to injustice (See), reflect on the reasons for the existence of that injustice in the light of the gospel (Judge) and to join with others to work to change the situation (Act)

Students also listened to a number of current and former students of Edmund Rice schools in Melbourne who were interviewed about a variety of justice initiatives that they had undertaken in their school or of their ongoing involvement in justice activities after leaving school.

Students then met in school groups to plan actions in their respective schools.

Student Justice Seminar, Amberley Aug 2007

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