25 September 2007


The Australian Catholic Bishops have identified five areas of challenge that confront Australians as global citizens in their annual Social Justice Sunday statement which was launched recently.

Entitled "Who is my neighbour – Australia’s role as a global citizen" the statement highlights the issues of:-
- Foreign aid and development assistance.
An increased foreign aid budget can relieve poverty, develop infrastructure and provide education and training in poorer countries.
- Military alliances and interventions.
Whilst our alliances may be important to our security any military intervention that is proposed requires a thorough assessment of its morality and broad international approval
- The UN and international financial institutions.
Whilst in need of reform the UN continues to offer the best hope for peace and co-operation between peoples.
- Climate change and energy policy.
Australia is uniquely positioned to promote alternatives in energy use that reduce carbon emissions.
- Border protection and refugees.
Our current harsh border protection policies fail to provide protection for genuine refugees or humane treatment for all who come here.

Copies of the statement are available from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council

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