12 September 2007


If you are concerned about climate change, and if you would like to do something more to make a difference then you find a range of simple, effective actions at The Big Switch

The website also contains background information about the issue of climate change and as we move towards a Federal election in Australia an analysis is presented of the policies offered by all parties in relation to greenhouse gas reduction targets, renewable energy, future energy, transport and land use, incorporating pollution costs into fossil fuel use, ratifying Kyoto, international aid and the building of nuclear reactors.

You can also search out your electorate and see the response of your local member to a simple survey on climate change and find some suggestions for issues that can be followed up in an email or letter with that member, including issues of particular relevance to your area.

You will also be invited to sign an online pledge to make some simple but effective changes in your personal lifestyle in order to offset climate change.

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