12 November 2007


Unfortunately once again Australia is witnessing an election campaign in which the major parties seem more interested in appealing to voters’ greed and self-interest rather than providing a vision for the nation that encompasses the common good of both all those who live in Australia and those who share our planet.

Perhaps that reflects the kind of society Australia has become?

Fortunately some voices continue to be raised that remind voters of issues of the common good that deserve consideration when deciding how to cast a vote.

The Queensland based Social Action Office has prepared a briefing entitled Refresh Australia which focuses on climate change policy, indigenous Australia, and industrial relations policies in particular, the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website has a useful leaflet entitled "A Vote for Social Justice" available for download and Polmin has prepared a special election announcement of its "Common Good" publication which is available for download at the above website.

Those still making up their minds about how to cast their vote may be interested in the three-minute online quiz which will rate the candidates in your electorate according to the issues that concern you and then send you an individual 'how to vote' card.

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