14 May 2008


As part of the newly established Universal Perodic Review (UPR) procedure Franciscans International and partner NGOs submitted a report on abuses of Human Rights in West Papua last month.

As a follow-up to the UPR, FI submitted a shadow report on torture in West Papua to the Committee against Torture. FI’s shadow report is the first comprehensive account of individual cases of torture in West Papua from 1998 to present.

The report was developed in association with grassroots partners SKP Jayapura, the Christian Evangelical Church of Papua and the faith based NGO network on West Papua.

During the UPR process the Indonesian government was questioned by a number of States in regard to the Human Rights situation in West Papua. This was very encouraging to those NGOS that have for a long time tried to attract media attention to the troubling level of abuse of Human Rights in the region.

An executive summary of the issues raised and a copy of the full report are available for download from the above website.

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