17 June 2008


Etiko one of the first Australian businesses to source overseas products that are Fairtrade Certified and sweatshop free - meaning the people who make them are paid a decent wage and have good working conditions – recently won the Victorian Premiers’ 2008 sustainability award for small business.

The award can be seen as an acknowledgement of an increasing awareness and support among consumers for Fairtrade products.

The Fairtrade labelling system began in The Netherlands in 1989, and currently operates in 20 countries. It was introduced in Australia and New Zealand in 2003.

Globally in 2005 Fairtrade products amounted to approximately $1.8 billion worldwide and in Australia $5.4 million Fairtrade products were sold in the 2005-2006 financial year, an increase of 157% over the previous financial year.

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade. It is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade.

Some sites that include more information and suggestions for action can be found at the People for Fair Trade and See the Flipside websites

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