17 June 2008


The recent United Nations-sponsored global climate change talks ended recently in Bonn, Germany, with calls to step up the pace of negotiations in the run up to next year’s crucial summit in Copenhagen, but with little by way of concrete proposals for action.

Delegates from the 172 nations gathered in Bonn were asked to bring concrete proposals for revising Kyoto to extend greater protection and more funding for the countries most vulnerable to the threatened ravages of changing climate and the least capable to adapt.

Mexico, China, South Africa and Brazil came with full brief cases. The European Union, long considered a champion of climate change, came empty handed. Environmentalists accused the United States, Canada and Australia of obstruction and "nitpicking."

The latest campaign of AVAAZ urges rich countries to commit now to mid term targets to cut emissions which are seen to be critical to avoid climate catastrophe. As the chair of the Summit, Japan has the opportunity to exercise bold leadership to ensure rich nations make progress.

On Wednesday, June 18, AVAAZ will deliver a petition representint the worldwide public outcry for strong G8 climate commitments to Japanese PM, Yasuo Fukuda. Those concerned about this issue are urged to sign the petition now!

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