11 July 2008


In a recent statement Catholic Religious Australia the peak body representing the more than 8,000 members of Religious Congregations in Australia has called for a bold transformation of Australia’s immigration laws to fully respect the dignity and rights of people.

"The great challenge for us as a nation is that we must now move beyond repealing the worst features of our immigration laws and policies," the President of Catholic Religious Australia, Fr Mark Raper SJ, said.
"We hope for an immigration system in which asylum claims are assessed in ways that are compatible with Australia's ordinary legal system, international human rights principles, and Australia's international treaty obligations.

The need for change in Australia’s attitude and treatment of asylum seekers has also been highlighted by the Edmund Rice Centre at the launch of the film "A Well Founded Fear" which follows the ERC Director Phil Glendenning as he attempts to discover the fate of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers.

The film was launched at the Sydney film festival in June and will also be screened on SBS Television in Australia later in the year.

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