1 October 2008


This year marks the 60th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

After learning about the Every Human Has Rights campaign and the commitments to stand up for human rights made by members of The Elders and so many others, a group of refugee/migrant and indigenous youth from the northern suburbs of Perth Australia decided to sign the ‘Every Human Has Rights’ pledge and take some first steps toward bigger commitments of their own.

Five young leaders from the Edmund Rice Centre Youth Leadership Group helped organize and host an event to share the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with their community; and each member of the group brought their personal connection to the cause.

Atot Amoly and his twin brother were part of the effort: "My brother and I came to Australia in 2005 from Egypt after fleeing Sudan, a country where human rights abuses are very common," Atot said. "The war was getting closer, so my father made the decision for us all to leave. It was very confusing and leaving friends behind was really hard."

Ezra Godfrey, who also fled Sudan via Egypt before arriving in Australia, said it was experiences like this that made him passionate about human rights.

You can read the full story with its accompanying photos and video at the above website. Click on "Campaign News" and scroll down to the item posted on the 13th Sep. You can also make an online personal commitment to uphold the goals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the same website.

No one rights on Old age persons/Senior citizens, who has no home, nolife, no foods. We must have tod o something for them, as they needs our helps much than that of other firing problems of human rights. A huge people are dying because they don't have any home, life, food, even they have their kids, but they does not care of their parents/elders. so, we must have to do something for them as well as other issues of human rights. Jagdish.
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