29 October 2008


The Global Forum on Migration and Development which is taking place in Manila this month is an attempt by the international community to address migration issues with a view to ensuring that orderly international migration has a positive impact on both the communities of origin and the communities of destination.

As a participant in the forum Caritas Internationalis is urging governments to focus on protecting migrants and boosting development in poorer countries through the support of the Millennium Development Goals in a bid to ensure migration is a choice rather than a necessity.

Caritas Internationalis will emphasise the need to empower women in particular in a bid to reduce the numbers forced to migrate.

“Women who are searching for work abroad so they can support their families and educate their children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation if they’re not protected,” said Martina Liebsch, Caritas Internationalis advocacy coordinator for migration, trafficking and gender.

Caritas will call for the protection of women on the migration journey, education about their rights and the adoption of a gender sensitive migration policy by the international community. Caritas also highlights the need to pay special attention to the trafficking of children and young adults.

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