14 October 2008


The Victorian State government recently passed legislation decriminalizing abortion despite a concerted campaign against the bill in which the Catholic Church was prominent in its opposition.

The issue of abortion will continue to remain controversial and polarizing given that it places the rights of women in direct conflict with the rights of the unborn.

However by compelling doctors who have a conscientious objection to abortion to provide a referral to another doctor who will perform the procedure, this particular bill appears to violate freedom of conscience by forcing such doctors to be complicit, however indirectly, in something they believe to be morally wrong.

Recent presentations given at the Australian Catholic University on this issue can be viewed at the above website.

Catholic opposition to abortion has been voiced consistently and strongly and is based on the beliefs that life begins at conception and that all life is sacred.

However the question can also be asked as to why the Church’s voice is not heard as strongly and consistently on issues of poverty, disease, war, human trafficking, the death penalty, nuclear weapons, and the worldwide deaths of 30,000 children every day from preventable causes, which are also key life issues.

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