29 October 2008


The issue of abortion continues to be an emotive and divisive one as the recent debate surrounding the passage of a bill decriminalising abortion in Victoria demonstrates.

It is also again an issue in the current US Presidential campaign.

Whilst the positions of those advocating for the rights of the unborn and those advocating for the rights of women to choose are fundamentally incompatible, there may be some areas where common ground might be found.

No-one would argue that abortion is desirable in itself and all would agree with the importance of working to at least reduce the need for abortions.

Sojourners magazine reports that recent studies in the US have shown that there is a strong correlation between abortion and poverty with three quarters of women who have had abortions saying that they just could not afford to have the child.

Perhaps a united concern to address poverty, the root cause of so many of the world’s problems, might be a more effective means of reducing the evil of abortion?

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