11 December 2008


"Have you ever wondered why that pair of jeans ‘made in China’ is so cheap? Many homeworkers and workers in what are known as ‘sweat shops’ throughout the world remain an underclass which can provide a pool of cheap and submissive workers in both industrialised and developing countries."

"You can play a part in striving for justice for home workers here and overseas by calling for more countries, including Australia, to support an international agreement to protect these most vulnerable workers."

The above quotations are from Just Employment a website sponsored by the Uniting Church in Australia which has put out a call to encourage Australia to accede to the International Labour Organization Convention 177 on Homework. The campaign calls for the honouring of a commitment by the party of the current government in the lead-up to the last federal election.

The Convention sets out minimum requirements for governments to undertake and provides a guide to the development of national laws that need to be enacted. The Convention defines homework, who homeworkers are and promotes equality of treatment; therefore reinforcing a fundamental status to homeworkers as workers entitled to equal remuneration, training and other conditions as to enterprise based workers.

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