8 July 2009


The global web advocacy movement Avaaz has called for an immediate global outcry to prevent the attempt of Canada, Japan, and Russia to veto the '2-degree limit' at the G8 summit currently underway in Italy.

Scientists have warned that if global warming rises past two degrees centigrade, the world's climate systems are very likely to spin out of control - with searing droughts, sudden floods, and rising seas that spread poverty and force hundreds of millions to relocate (and many scientists believe it is already too late and that a four degree rise in temp is almost inevitable)

Whatever the figure it is clear that the world has just months left to agree on a binding global climate treaty if it is to prevent a catastrophic global warming.

Many believe that there is still an opportunity to avert the worst, if urgent UN negotiations succeed this year in reaching a binding treaty. The UN talks, culminating in Copenhagen in Dec, could launch a historic shift towards a clean-energy, green-recovery future that leaves the climate safe for future generations.

But according to Avaaz a few nations - now led by Canada, Russia, and Japan - have blocked-up the climate talks, endangering the treaty and our future, but that as has happened previously, last-moment pressure can change their policies especially with Canadian and Japanese leaders facing elections in the near future.

A petition is available for signing on the above website.

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