22 January 2010


In the wake of the horrific disaster in Haiti the January Newsletter of Edmund Rice International has issued an action alert to members of the Edmund Rice Network urging them to sign a petition asking for the cancellation of Haiti’s debts to western financial institutions.

"No doubt we have all been shocked by the terrible disaster in Haiti.

People and governments all around the world have responded generously to provide emergency assistance in this time of dire need.

However experience shows that inevitably the story will fade from our consciousness as the attention of the media moves to other issues.

The effects of the earthquake have been magnified by the extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure in Haiti, a situation that has existed for many years and which the global community has failed to address.

The Jubilee Debt Campaign reminds us that the world's poorest countries pay almost $100 million every day to the rich world.

Apart from donating money another way of assisting countries like Haiti to get back on their feet is to support the debt relief campaign.”

Readers of this newsletter are encouraged to sign the online petition asking creditors to act immediately to cancel Haiti's debts.

You can subscribe to the newsletter via the Edmund Rice International website.

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