7 September 2010


The Western Australian Government has signaled its intention to compulsorily acquire aboriginal land on the Dampier Peninsula near Broome in order to build a gas processing plant and pipeline.

Negotiations between the traditional owners and the Oil and gas company Woodside (along with joint venture partners Shell, Chevron, BHP-Billiton and BP) commenced in 2007 but traditional owners are divided over the project with some in favour of the economic benefits it will bring to their communities, whilst others are concerned about the preservation of registered Aboriginal heritage sites in the vicinity of James Price Point (Walmadan).

However by unilaterally deciding to compulsorily acquire the land and abandoning consultation with the aboriginal community, the government has potentially greatly reduced the level of compensation available to the community. Traditional Owners have united in the wake of this decision to condemn the move which is seen as a return to colonialism and a theft of Aboriginal Lands.

Get Up has launched an online petition in regard to the issue.

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