19 August 2011


A range of faith-based and community groups have welcomed the Australian government's proposed initiative to put a price on carbon pollution.

Jill Finnane, coordinator of Eco-Justice programs at the Edmund Rice Centre described the government plan as "an important and significant first step that all Australians should get behind".

"Putting a price on the green-house gas emissions that each one of us is responsible for is an effective means to move towards overall improvements for the planet."
she said.

"As a nation we need to look beyond our own short-term interests and consider, not only the legacy we are leaving for our grandchildren, but also the effect that our emissions are having on our neighbours in low-lying Pacific Island nations."

The Uniting Church welcomed the initiative after campaigning for many years for the Australian government to take a leadership role in setting emission targets, to encourage the uptake of renewable energy technologies, to put a price on carbon, to work for a strong and fair international agreement to limit global temperature increase and to ensure that low income households are not unfairly impacted upon by a carbon price.

Oxfam has also welcomed the initiative as a good first step to tackling climate change, but mindful of the mis-information that has already been spread about the proposed tax has produced a summary and commentary on the legislation that has been forshadowed. It is also encouraging people to make their own submission on the carbon price legislation.

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