20 February 2012


The action of the Russian government in knowingly transferring arms and ammunition to the government of Syria in the current violent situation where there is clearly substantial risk of them being used to kill civilians and commit human rights abuses has been deplored by Control Arms a global civil society alliance campaigning for an Arms Trade Treaty.
According to the alliance these recent transactions underline the need for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), a robust and comprehensive set of global rules to regulate the international trade in arms.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are killed, injured, raped, and forced to flee from their homes as a result of the poorly controlled global arms trade. In July 2012 governments will come together to negotiate a global treaty to better regulate this deadly trade. Diplomats have been meeting in New York in February for a final round of preparatory talks.

Visit the Control Arms website to learn about progress towards a treaty, to add your support for the campaign or to Speak Out and urge governments to control arms.

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