27 March 2013


It is estimated 70 percent of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa. The most recent figures estimate that 1.8 million children in West Africa are involved in the industry and some are forced or trafficked.

The Fair Trade Easter Campaign  aims to contribute to the broader global FAIRTRADE  movement by advocating for the purchasing, sales and consumption of ethically produced chocolate at Easter time.

This campaign builds on the global campaigns in recent years that have seen several well-known chocolate manufacturers, including Cadbury and Nestle, use ethically sourced chocolate. By buying cocoa beans that are certified FAIR TRADE, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified, these chocolate producers ensure there is no forced labour or trafficked labour on cocoa plantations.

I ask to speak to the manager each time I go to the supermarket during Lent. I ask what fairtrade chocolate they will have for our local church communities to buy this Easter. Lots of us in Australia are doing this. I am hopeful that such small actions will achieve change. Christine
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