11 July 2013


Leaders of the major religious groups in Australia, including Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist representatives, have issued a joint interfaith statement in advance of the forthcoming election calling for the Australian Government to continue to act to address climate change issues.

Noting the latest warnings of the likelihood of a 4 degree Celsius rise in temperatures if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, the letter urges action to address "one of the most urgent moral issues facing us".

The letter also notes that much of the world is already moving to take strong preventative action with ninety countries, representing 90 per cent of global emissions, having carbon reduction programs in place. Whilst Australia now has price on carbon the letter points out that Australia continues to be a significant contributor to the problem both as a source of carbon emissions and as a major coal exporter, and urges a wind back of coal exports and a greater reliance on renewable energy.

The full text of the letter can be read here.

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